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With the help of Ability Tiffany is able to work at the Pizza Factory in Deer Park. With help and guidance Tiffany just had her one year of stable employment at the Pizza Factory working multiple days a week now with minimal guidance.  She enjoys roller skating and likes to stay active rather be out and about. 

Ryan has been the go-to guy for security for 10 years now working over 200 events with Allied Universal! He’s been with Ability Employment Services and our Senior Employment Consultant, Cathy Eylar, since April 2011. Ryan loves the flexibility of his job as it allows him to travel, work the events he has a passion for, and hold different positions with each event he works. Some different positions he has held are alcohol enforcement, semi-management, event crew and supervisor. Over the years Ryan has grown to know the people he works with at the events and loves the feeling of being apart of a team. He describes his coworkers and him as “one big family.” Some of his favorite events he’s worked are Seahawks games, EWU football games, boat races in Coeur d’Alene, Oktoberfest in Leavenworth, Elton John, Monster Jam, Blake Shelton, and Garth Brooks. Cathy Eylar commented that Ryan is one of her favorite clients to see each week as he’s super easy-going and they meet over coffee. For the past eight years Ryan has been living independently and when he’s not making sure events are safe and secure he loves to hangout with friends and watch the Dallas Cowboys, his favorite team! You can also count on his extra earnings going towards new tattoos, as he already has fifteen. Ryan’s next biggest goal is to acquire his Nevada Guard Card so he can travel and work events in Las Vegas. Now talk about an awesome job!

This amazing lady is Savannah. She has just started her job at McDonald’s. She loves every minute and smiles her entire shift. Her dedication, welcoming smile, and talent will serve her well in her new role a s a lobby attendant. She is a natural and is looking forward to working many more shifts to come.

Michael is being honored for working at the Vitalant Blood Center for almost a year now. After being laid-off temporarily during Covid, Michael was persistent on returning to work and exceeding the requirements of wearing a mask. His job duties consist of cleaning out blood donation vans that Vitalant uses at blood drives and to transfer blood around Spokane. Everyone at the blood center love Michael’s charisma and enjoy having him around. Michael is always in a hurry to get his day started as he is jumping with joy waiting for the front desk to finish his Covid screening. His Job Coach Specialist Madison works with him twice a week to complete his tasks on site.  

JD Sokolis started his journey with Ability in May of 2021 and our staff secured a job for JD in just four short weeks! JD accepted a job as fulfilling online orders for customers at Walmart. While JD was great at the job, it was recognized that he needed to be moved to an area of the store where he could have more interactions with customers. JD was then moved to the Produce section of Walmart where he continues to get additional responsibilities and learn more about different produce.  JD not only brings joy to the customers, but also his coworkers. JD is an extremely hard working individual and has high standards for himself and the work he does. JD is an excellent representation of the type of quality people we put into the workforce, and it is a success worth celebrating.

Sean McCauley works at Walmart in Janitorial. Sean works 20 hours a week on a rotating weekly schedule. Sean lives in Medical Lake WA and commutes to the Sprague Walmart location in the Valley. Sean has gone from sweeping to cleaning Walmart Bathrooms which he finds stimulating and loves his opportunities he has had with Walmart.


With the start of the new Program year, we want to recognize Matthew Johnson!

Matt has been with Ability Employment since June and has tremendously shown the team how hard of a worker he is. Not only has Matt worked at Fred Meyers for over 10 years but has also been nominated for employee of the month as well! You can catch Matt rooting for the Seattle Seahawks, or outside Fred Meyers pushing carts in the bright orange vest, you cannot miss him! Matts peers say that he is always ready to help others and his team. During the nice weather, Matt enjoys participating in Special Olympics and playing basketball. Not only is Matt a pleasure to have at Fred Meyer, but also a pleasure to have in the Ability office. His Employment Consultant, McKayla Partlow states that Matt always presents himself with a big smile and warm welcome to everybody in the room. During work, Matt has received multiple “Good comment cards”. These cards are given when a customer comments or compliments a particular employee on their “Outstanding Customer Service”. Matt had just received another good comment card during the month of August, and proudly presented it to his Employment Consultant. The Ability Employment team is grateful and excited to see what Matt will continue to excel in, during his career at Fred Meyers. 


Laurie is a marvelous individual who has worked at Safeway since 2006. She’s been with Ability since Spring 2016, working with her Employment Consultant Brea Burnett. Working at Safeway for almost 14 years now, Laurie is equipped to handle multiple tasks. Her responsibilities include retrieving carts, customer courtesy, bagging groceries, cleaning the store/bathrooms, go backs and helping customers with the liquor cabinet. Each time Laurie is sweeping the store, she is required to log her sweeps. Laurie was getting a 50-60% sweep score at first so Brea and her came up with a song that would help her log her sweeps. Since then Laurie has gotten her sweep score up to 100%! Nothing like a catchy tune to increase productivity! Laurie is a favorite among her coworkers and is even awarded gift cards from her management for her hard work! We are so proud of you, Laurie. Congratulations on 100% sweeps!

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Tim has been with Ability Employment Services since February 2017 working with Sierra Love-Ensminger. He gained employment at North 40 in July of 2019 and works 25 hours a week. His responsibilities include collecting carts in the parking lot, taking care of the grass, sweeping, assisting customers load items into their vehicle, handling fertilizer, and running the cardboard compressor. It’s never a dull workday for Tim! His favorite part about his job is the busy atmosphere and being able to have so much interaction with his coworkers and customers. When Tim isn’t working, his favorite things to do are take naps and go on walks with his family. Tim believe everyone should “live for a simple life; it’s perfect.” We admire all of Tim’s hard work in his position and can’t wait to see what else is in store!

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Christen has been with Ability Employment Services and our Senior employment consultant, Cathy Eylar since September 2016. Christen is employed at the DSHS/DDA Spokane Office and has been working there for 20 years as an office assistant! Being on the admin team, Christen works 20 hours a week and makes well over minimum wage. Her responsibilities include handling copiers, shredders, recycling, personalized envelopes, labels, and file work. Her favorite part of her job is creating personalized labels for case managers! After completing her daily responsibilities, Christen loves to come home, put on comfy clothes, and relax. Christen and her family are die hard EWU sports fans and have been season ticket holders for basketball and football for 25 years! They even have their own engraved seats in the football stadium. Everyone at the office loves Christen and are very appreciative of her work. Christen can’t wait to receive her 20 year plaque at this year’s all staff banquet!

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