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G o o d b y e  P Y 20 ,  H e l l o  P Y 21

U p c o m I n g  e v e n t s 


Q U I C K  S T A T S

July 2020 - June 2021

78 (up from 37)

Successful Job Placements


Saved by Employers with the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)


Average amount saved per hire

155 (up from 108)

Number of Employers we are actively serving

From our Director, Ty Lingo:

"I am so proud to announce that Ability Employment Services has just been notified that we have been awarded another a three-year accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). Three years is the maximum amount for the accreditation and is (literally) the Gold Standard within our industry. This shows that our organization operates within a best practice space in every aspect of our business and service delivery. We are very honored and humbled and will continue to Aspire to Excellence in all facets of our business. Thank you so much to all our amazing staff during this five-year journey. We hope to continue to earn the trust of our fund sources and clients as we strive towards exceptional service delivery. Our mission is to provide comprehensive and personalized support for individuals seeking or sustaining employment, and building community employer relationships is how we do it. If you would like to learn how to enrich your workplace culture and save some money on your next hire or if you know of someone with a qualifying disability in Spokane, Stevens or Pend Oreille counties give us a call!"

may 30

Memorial Day (office closed)

June 19

Father's Day

july 4

Independence Day (office closed)

September 5

Labor Day (office closed)

What a year PY20 was! 

We ended the Program Year with 78 job placements and hired on three additional staff members. As we continue to grow as a company and as individuals remember we cannot do this alone. A huge thank you to our clients, parents and guardians, and our fund sources.

Congratulations to Sierra Love-Ensminger for winning the "Top Job Snob" award for securing 21.5 job placements for our clients. Congratulations to Brea Rousey for winning our "Top Performer" award. These awards are proof that dedication and hard work on their behalf truly pays off.

C A R F  a c c r e d I t a t I o n

P r o g r a m  Y e a r  2020  C h a m p I o n s

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