Ideally, it won't! 
Our Employment Consultants are there to check in with and aid  your new employee, and should not present a distraction in the workplace. 

Are there any benefits to hiring a person with a disability?

How will having an Employment Consultant present impact my business?

What can I expect from AES?

Is the hiring process different?

Exceptional service delivery from start to finish. We work to make sure we locate the right job/career and to make sure that every client and employer is satisfied with the relationship. We stay in regular contact with managers and supervisors to make sure that the client is meeting the expectations of the business.

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Tax credits to the business usually up to $2400 per hire
Loyalty- our clients have long tenures in organizations
Dependability- our clients look forward to work and it is a big part of their life
Consistency- our clients show up for work, do their job and don’t create hardships for the employers
Team player- our clients love their organizations, coworkers and supervisors and do whatever is needed
Culture enhancers- our employers routinely tell us that the employee adds so much to their organizations culture

Not at all! All our clients are expected to go through the interview, hiring and training process like every other new hire. They will just  have their Employment Consultant present for different parts of it.