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Tyler has worked at the Davenport Hotel in their laundry department since 2009. Tyler is an awesome young man with a strong passion for music and sports. Tyler works with our newest Employment Consultant Mike Glenn, and had worked with Ty Lingo for 7 years.
Mike explains that Tyler is very popular downtown, and that shows within the Davenport, as well as when he goes to the bus plaza after work to get home. Tyler always has a smile on his face and loves to give people high fives and fist bumps. Tyler’s coworkers love to have him around, and he never forgets a name. It is amazing the type of memory Tyler has, he can remember just about anything that is told to him. Tyler is always the one making new friends, and engaging in conversation.Fun fact: Mike says Tyler keeps up with every NFL team in the league, and they talk a lot of football when they’re working together. Tyler’s favorite team is the Denver Broncos… But we don’t hold that against him

Tyler Wilson

Jessica Curbow

Linda Holmes has been with Ability Employment Services since we opened in April 2016. She was originally Cameron’s client and has worked with Hannah since October 2016. Linda currently works at Sweet Frostings Bakery in Downtown Spokane, where she’s been since March of 2017, this was her first time changing employers in 12 years! Linda’s coworkers say she’s “awesome to have around” and is “very cheerful”! Their favorite times with her include singing and dancing in the back of the shop.  When she started in March, Linda was working six hours a week and has worked her way up to 25 hours per week, after just five months of employment. In August Linda was recognized by management for her hard work and positive attitude.

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Ramona Courts

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Linda Holmes

Tom Shanks has been with Ability Employment Services since the beginning, and has been employed with DSHS for ten years. One of his most notable work accomplishments, shared by his Employment Consultant Cameron Stewart, has been improving in his workplace independence. When Tom first started working with Ability our staff provided coaching and guidance through the duration of his shifts, and in just a short year, the time Tom has needed our staffs' guidance has been reduced by nearly half! With Cameron’s constant supervision, Tom has proved to have grown, not only in the workplace, but in his self-reliance.
Fun fact: Cameron calls Tom an “Encyclopedia of sports facts” and mentioned that he’s a “huge jokester.”

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Tom Shanks

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Ramona has been working with Ability Employment Services and our Senior Employment Consultant, Cathy Eylar, since October 2016. Ramona is employed at Northern Quest Resort and Casino in the River’s Edge Buffet as a Steward. She has held the position for eight years, and Cathy has coached her for six of those eight years. Her responsibilities include pulling and running dishes off the HUGE dish machine, hand washing large pots and pans, sorting and organizing silverware, and other back of house duties as assigned. Ramona is always a pleasure to be around! She’s personable, outgoing, upbeat and has a way of making everyone she is around feel welcome. Cathy complimented Ramona’s ability to adapt to change; she works in a fast paced and ever changing environment, and has adjusted to these changes with ease. Ramona works 25+ hours a week and is consistently on time and reliable. We’re pretty sure she’s never called out from a shift.

Jessica Curbow has been working with our Business Development Consultant, Troy Marshall since August 2017. Jessica works for Eastern Washington University’s Dining Services, with whom she’s been employed for three years. When she started, she worked at Swoops until the PUB remodel, and now works at The Roost. Moving to a new venue is a huge learning curve for anyone, but Jessica rolled with the changes and is assuccessful as ever. Her responsibilities include: calling out order numbers, delivering Tapingo orders, cleaning the restaurant, sanitizing tables, stocking utensils and napkins; and prepping condiment stations. This Spring she’ll begin training in the kitchen. Jessica works approximately 25 hours a week, and is such a stellar employee, she’s scheduled even when school is out of session.
Jessica’s manager Cheri Hayes told us they call her the “Rock star of the Roost” and complimented her incredible attention to detail and positive personality. We are so proud of you, Jessica. Keep being the rock star you are!